Wednesday, June 08, 2005

snow cave

thats it. were getting an A/C. its bouta happen today. 1pm. fresh new A/C. gonna cool my apartment real nice. gonna wash away this heat. gonna give me a good nights sleep.


the temperature gauge on my fancy futuristic Sharper Image digital clock decided that it was 87 degrees in the living room. thats in the back of the palace. the south wing, if you will. its must be at least 5 degrees hotter in the front, in the north wing.

we gotta fan but c'mon. whats a fan gonna really do? circulate the funk emanating from my sweaty balls? blow L-kitties hair all rock star style when she's playing air guitar? feed the starving children in africa? well maybe the first two, but it sure aint feeding no hungry babies. the fan is kinda heartless like that. it never thinks about the children.

but the A/C, well the A/C is a regular electronic humanitarian. its like the angelina jolie and bono of household appliances. im sure if the A/C could, it would heap turkey onto the plates of homeless people during thanksgiving. it would donate to breast cancer research. it would help old ladies across the street. if the A/C could, it would help cure the world.

thats why im about ta bounce and pick me up one. im about to have the chillest pad in brooklyn. its gonna be like a cave of snow up in this piece. take THAT stupid selfish fan!


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