Tuesday, May 24, 2005

apartment weather

im bored.

im launched from sleep in the morning. i feel my spine; the lumbar region. you arent supposed to feel the lumbar region of your spine. you shouldnt feel any part of your spine for that matter. it should be one solid grip on your posture. the piller of your mass. you begin with your spine. you should only feel the growth from it. but i feel mine. it feels slightly slippery, and too easy on my weight. it feels wet, and loose. my spine feels like a whores vagina.

it aint supposed to feel like that.

the first thing in my mind, once i come to grips with my frailty, is the strange scenes from my twisted sleep. ive been having some vivid dreams lately. the kind that stick to you when you wake. the ones that haunt you for a day or two after, and they flash into your memory years later too, when your in a further reality, far from the past they came from. these dreams sting too much. they are too rich and honest. too easy to analyze. im think getting sick of them.

so i shake myself awake, hurry into some clothes, and walk up the street to get some coffee. the walk makes my posture feel a bit more assured. i flirt with the barista while i order my red eye but i dont think she notices. whatever -my girls hips will crush your shit bitch, i was just trying to make you blush. i tip her anyway because i know the next time i flirt with her she'll ignore me again and ive kinda grown fond of this imaginary relationship ive created with her. it spices up the boredom, even if it is just another dead routine.

i stroll cautiously back to the palace. the day is nice enough, but i can sense how slow the time struggles by and get prepared for a long day.

i watch some porno. kill some kittens. surf the internet. i smoke too many cigarettes and worry about my health. i play a video game. i watch some more porno. my doorbell rings and i look out he window to see who it is. no one, but i open it wider and lean out a bit. -who is it? some cat looking casual calling himself alex. -wrong doorbell dude. i shut the window and sit down and sigh.

i think i need a drink.


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