Saturday, March 26, 2005

Another Part of Me [hee hee]

i was reading a post a friend of mine put up [whom i will not link because im not sure she wants to be revealed yet] that was praising the Off The Wall album by our good buddy Michael Jackson and it got me harking back.

when i was 8 years old i absolutely WORSHIPPED michael jackson. he was the end all be all of existence for me. i was profoundly interested in just about anything that he was involved with. i couldnt afford all his various jacket designs [though i did strut to school wearing a makeshift Beat It knockoff that my mom scored from goodwill. unlike the real Beat It jacket, mine only had like, 4 zippers and was black instead of red. still i was proud of that bitch] but i did have just about any other paraphernalia that bore his likeness.

i know i had a poster and a folder with his "Human Nature" pose on it [thats the one wear he was in the yellow cashmere vest and from what i remember even a little 5 o'clock shadow that made him look manlier than he ever did or would again]. the folder was especially cool cuz i got to bust that out in class everyday to the other students awestruck oooh's and ahhh's.

then there was the pre-pepsi commercial picture book. with images from his videos, backstage at Neverland, and random shots from his many promotional appearances. they would have little tidbits of insider info under each picture that said things like "Michael in his sequined Naval outfit at the AMA's. He took home 8 awards that night." or "Michael liked to play pranks on John Landis while on the set of the Thriller video. Here he leaves peanut butter on his directors chair" it was like i was getting inside michaels life. you know, seeing the REAL michael.

i had other MJ artifacts as well, a thriller doll [but just the regular mike, not the werewolf or zombie version], a fake diamond glove, and of course all his records.

i usually took off the mic
before i put it up my butt
but i left on the glove, of course.

i also would zealously watch ANYTHING that he was in. whether it be a commercial, a 20 minute 3D movie at disneyland, a guest spot on a tv show, or even just presenting at some boring political event. i HAD to see it. hell, i even would watch shows were some character on the show would pretend to be him. i watched Silver Spoons just because i knew that eventually Ricky Schroader or that black dude that ended up on Fresh Prince of Bel Air would do a backslide or something and kick their leg in the air all MJ style. i watched Kids Incorporated [remember Kids Incorporated] just because i figured that they would inevitably do a MJ cover [they did, it was Beat It, and it ROCKED!!!].

the most embarrassing thing i remember doing is going to school and telling everybody that he was my UNCLE. i even had a picture in my wallet of him that i took from a magazine but passed along as having been taken by my "aunt." it never occurred to me that if Michael Jackson was my uncle, than that meant my mother was his sister, and janet was my aunt, and jermaine was my uncle. i dont think it occurred to anyone else too because no one called me on it. and if they would have i coulda just stuck to my story. how they gonna prove mike aint my uncle? huh? prove it bitches!

i cant believe i used to tell people michael jackson was my uncle. thats hella gay.

but man, i used to LOVE THE SHIT out of Michael Jackson.

but now his freaky ways have caught up to him. not saying he did anything wrong, and not saying he didnt. but i mean, he is such a freak, even if he did NOTHING out of order, it would just look like he did. he's painted himself with that brush. with the FREAKY WIERDO PERVERT brush. and even if he didnt do anything to that kid [or 'those' kids] it sure as fuck looks like he WOULD.

but im not here to pass judgment on mike. it'll play out like its going to regardless of what i think. but im wondering about his music.

no matter what happens, are people going to be able to listen to "Billie Jean" the same? Has "Ben" taken on knew meaning? well, that songs about a dead rat so maybe it should have prove more of a warning of things to come in the first place but what about "The Way You Make Me Feel" or "Baby Be Mine"? is it weird hearing mike sing about anything even remotely sexual these days?

well, not really for me. i mean, i still think his musics pretty awesome. hes still groovy and has a good voice and when i hear certain songs i still get chills. no, im not gonna give up on his music just yet. im still on his sidse. im still all, mama say mama saw mamakusa.

but i dont WORSHIP him anymore [well, KINDA dont worship].

these are my uncles feet.
they are so nimble!


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