Saturday, March 26, 2005


you are not here.

So no Miami.

flying standby sucks. we didnt even consider that it was easter weekend until the last second, and by then our bags were packed and we were in a car on the way to La Gaurdia. there were about ten people ahead of us that had been waiting for standby seats since 4.30 in the morning. thats 3 flights they missed before ours. we waited for one flight, didnt make it on and called it right there. oh well, fuck it. guess we aint going to the beach, lets go back to the city for breakfast.

weak. no sun. no fun. no mojito's in the sand.

luckily the doc came around and kicked me down some pain killers. i just woke up from a deep nod. been doped up all day. cant keep my eyes open. itching all over. i look like a genuine mission district junkie. still, id rather look like a dope fiend in south beach for a weekend, and im sure brooklyn would like a break from me as well.

fuckin easter. stupid christ rising. why couldnt he rise in may? im not flying standby in may. pfft. stupid selfish jesus.

im gonna snack some more painkillers. wake me when we are far from home.


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