Friday, March 18, 2005

Gone Fishing

so my boy isnt postin lately. it aint like he aint there, cuz he is. he most definitely is. he just dont feel like postin. its just not on the agenda. and fair enough. i can agree with that position. its not always that we gather the sensation to emote. sometimes we just feel boring. like we have nothing to offer. dull. negative. like we have decided to just waste. just waste space. and so its reasonable that he wouldnt post. he is there, of course. he is [as Descartes would attest]. he just isnt postin. and sometimes when one doesnt really have anything to say, or cant quite put what he wants to say into words just yet, then it is in perfect order to hold off on posting. it is only the polite thing to do.

nothing wrong with that dude. you still my main soldier. dont post. its cool with me.

unless, of course, youre stoned. then you just post whatever the fuck.

but thats just the thing, dear reader.

he blames his sudden lapse in creative output on the great green leaf. if you read the post that he has left up there for the past Seventeen Years, than you will see the proof. In the very first paragraph he point his lazy, stoned finger at the innocent bud of a magical plant. why? why dude? why use dank as your scapegoat?

thats just cold bro. cold.

whats the dank done done to you? oh sure, you got all happy one night and made out with a pretty hot trannie, and of course lets not forget the champagne enema at jimmys bachelor party. those wear wild sessions and i will be the first to admit, you were pretty fuckin baked on some skunk ass nuggets. but those were separate instances, and you were pretty drunk as well. those cold brown Newcastles didnt drink themselves. so come on, can you really blame the weed?

nah dude. you cant. you gotta face it. you gotta eat it. you gotta SMOKE IT DUDE!!! i mean, it cant be doing ya that bad...

all im sayin is: you got it made. you got a dump in the midwest. a cake gig pushin buttons. and a chick on your team that knits scarfs and shit. post something already. no body is waiting, so nows the perfect time.

if you dont, i will. and i ran outta things to say with this post here.

[yeah right]


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