Friday, March 04, 2005

on a jet plane

damn. my back hurts.

shits been doggin me for years now. every now and again it just gets weak. it aint that bad this time. i mean, i can walk and shit. i can try to sit up straight. if push came to shove i could fight alright. if push came to shove i could run too. been times i could hardly move. just a small notion and i spasm to the floor. it gets rough homie. no lie. but this time it aint so bad.

went to the professional anyway. i leave tomorrow. west coast action for the next week. plane departs late afternoon, plane lands early evening. straight to the get down just like i planned it.

the old man wouldnt part with any painkillers though. said that they wouldnt "solve" my problem, and i needed to do some stretching.

[he also came over and stood behind me and proceeded to give me a rather aggressive and sorta awkward shoulder massage. i mean, dude was seriously puttin a straight knuckle hurtin to my shit. i whimpered a few times and was THIS CLOSE to saying, in the gayest, most fragile voice -not so hard. which woulda really put the smack down on any comfortable conversations we may eventually have had in the future.he finished before i did though, and then he goes on to say that i may be stressed out. that mayeb ive been working too much. im like -no DOY dude! hey guess what else, im BLACK. yeah totally dude! im of the negroid persuasion. seriously! then he says it might be emotional and that maybe im conflicted or somthing and im like whatever that may be the case but it doesnt matter in the end because you arent going to give me any painkillers anyway. and thats what i had gotten up an hour early to come meet your ass for. chump.]

that was kinda disappointing. still he made up for it, and i snatched a script for some classic sedatives. Roche Valium. 60 hits of that designer shit. nice one doc. my hats off to you. way to salvage the patient/doctor relationship there. ill be seeing you in a few months.

so im off. got a couple days in the sucka free then headin down to LA for a few more forced smiles. nothing much to paint for ya there. just another free meal on sunset boulevard. a hotel room to smoke cigarettes in. and the freeway.

but ill be asleep on the plane. a deep sleep. heh heh. and im a fuckin chainsaw dude. thats right. welcome to jetblue bitches.

later skater.


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