Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Spam Burgers

So this guy left me a comment on my last post that said, simply: New blog! Come see! then left his blog address.

now of course i checked out his blog. and he seemed to come across as a guy that had something to say. like a guy that had a serious statement to make. this guy has started a blog, and he has an argument. its not an entirely political argument, at least thats from what i could gather in the first few paragraphs i read, but he recognized the two party system and vaguely affiliated himself to one side [the left, but i wasnt entirely sure of this before i finally got bored and checked to see if this punk had anything interesting or funny to waste my time away with]. he had a lot to say on his first post. all kindsa grand plans and strategies on just how he was going to unveil his manifesto to the world. but all colored with blue and red. like, that was his entire argument: that there was a difference between blue and red.

i commend him on making an effort and exercising his political democracy, thats for sure. i aint hatin. get your rights on!

i had a Dream! that you all read my blog!

but whats up with the self promoting blogger spam? i mean. is that normal? is that how you make "blogger friends,"? is that how a "blogger cmmunity" gets started? i havent really figured out how people get other people to read theirs. i mean, i never even noticed that blogs were all, hollywood until my boy started bloggin back in '04.

[ and even then i didnt know he was really a blogger, i thought maybe he just blogged on the weekends, or when he was at parties or some after school get together with a bunch of friends. but after a while i could tell, he was hardcore into it. he was addicted to blog. he was blogging every day. every night. it wasnt long after that i started blogging as well.]

but hes been trapped in the matrix since Zero gave One its first hickey, so it made sense he would have created some sort of digital identity. still, i found out from his blog from HIM. i KNOW him. he didnt just leave me a comment alerting me of his new blog. it was more natural than that. it was normal

but i mean what dude did, well that was kinda spammy. and im like:
can you believe this shit? this nigga done straight SPAMMED my ass with his semi political blog!

can i get more politics in my spam burger?

but its cool. imma let it slide. i mean, maybe he read some stupid rant a made about god and thought to himself -this is the kinda guy that i want to be reading my blog. the kinda guy that doesnt think the lord is talking to him. a guy that needs someone to show him the light, the true and righteous way. so you see, im an easy target. im practically ACHING for direction. i mean hell, doesnt my blog clearly state 'i cant find my argument.'?

nah, im kidding. ive had a lot to drink. i was just swaying with my words. you know, as if language was a sea, and i was sailing it, with a net dragging from the back, grabbing any letters it could catch.

shit ive written alot. i cant NOT post this.

god damn i suck at being a blogger. maybe i should start spamming people.



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