Tuesday, August 10, 2010


i, like most other people that spend their day in front of a computer, stay well aware of all the internet memes that become weekly obsessions for the short attention span set. and like most people, i probably only get 75% of them, where as the others go over my head. sometimes they are too geeky or video game oriented, and because i am neither fifteen years old nor very smart nor do i play video games, these memes bore me. sometimes i get the meme, but i dont understand why they are so funny, or why they have caught the attention of so many people. sometimes the meme is so simple it baffles me how it could generate so many different variations. and sometimes the memes are just plain cruel. depended on how funny these are determines if i like them.

some memes are just phrases that seem to catch on for any number of reasons, and although these are good [and some, like "all your base are belong to us," or "do not want," become ingrained with the internet lexicon so thoroughly that many people who use it dont even know its origin], these, although some can be fun and even funny, arent really my cups of tea. they usually start on a forum of sorts, most likely as innocent replies to a post, and mutate into catch phrases that sound funnier and more meaningful when said entirely out of context. some phrases are just one word ["FAIL"] that transcend every element of internet communication, from chat logs to emails to videos to pictures, and out into the real world, where people use them in everyday situations.

but my favorite memes involve some sort of visual element, be it a video or a picture. and today i think i just want to post a few videos of memes i like. so without further adieu [is that how you spell that?] here are a few vids:

this is my favorite "people unwittingly dancing to dubstep" video

this is my favorite "do they mean to be so racist?" video

this is my favorite "sports history thats so awesome i cant believe it" video

this is my favorite "double rainbow all the way" parody video [current fav]

and finally, this is my favorite "wierd clip that my friend alex made" video

i know, they were random and most didnt even qualify as memes, but i was bored and wanted to write so there ya go.


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