Thursday, April 17, 2008

workin on a six pack

i went to the dentist today. i went to the dentist and i went to the bar. but first i went to the dentist.

the dentist told me my teeth were janky. she said i would need a lot of work. a few sessions. there are procedures that needed to be done. i nodded my head and tried not to smile. she showed me x-rays of my teeth and said, See, this is where the bone is dying. well, she didnt say it like that. all dramatic and morbid and shit. but she did say that if i didnt make some serious changes, my teeth just might erode away someday.

i was like, Thats harsh doc. she said, Hey, you wanted it straight. and i hung my head and nodded again. she was right. i didnt want any sugar coating. i specifically said so.

so i made an appointment for next tuesday and i put back on my hat and jacket and i said, I'll see you then! and i went right out the door. i left the fine folk of Garden City Dental or whatever it is they're called. i went on my way.

i went to the bar. my ipod was stranded there and i was stranded without it. (what can i do without my choons? where would my rhythm be at?) i sat down on a stool and ordered my ipod with a Blue Moon back. my man T came through and slipped me some painkillers below the table and i gestured to the bartender to back him up on me. we had a few beers and i threw a couple whiskeys in for good measure. some hours later i had to leave and it was easy.

at home shes in the shower and in the steam in the bathroom i can smell her. clean. she is saying Hi and her voice echoes off all the tiles on the wall. the water is roaring down on her skin and she's soaping her arms and her neck and breast. i can see her through the clear plastic curtain. she looks at me and smiles. she says, What are you going to eat for dinner? and it sounds as if shes saying it in an amphitheater. i say, Give me a wet kiss, and she runs her face under water then pulls the curtain back just a smidge and leans her head out and kisses me with parted lips. we stare at each other for a moment after and then i say, Pizza. I bought a few slices on the way home.

and i bought a six pack of beer too.


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