Wednesday, April 02, 2008

pajama party (aka: behold the naked clothes)

have i already titled a post 'pajama party?' it seems like something id do, seeing as how i entirely approve of one laying around in their pajamas all day. hey, if you've earned it, do that shit.

the weather is getting nicer in brooklyn. people have put away their big coats and are parading around in their thinner, more fashionable jackets. some wary citizens have scarves wrapped around their neck, but even those look to be of the more stylish rather than functional variety.
i, myself, havent really enjoyed the weather today, save maybe a few jaunts to my stoop for a cigarette. and its already late enough in the evening that im sipping on whiskey and rolling up my second spliff. i didnt get out much this fine wednesday afternoon. see, i still havent taken off my pajamas.

now when i say, "pajamas," i don't mean the clothes i sleep in, for i dont really sleep in any clothes. no- what im referring to are the clothes i wear around the house. the dirty sweats and t-shirts from high school. the slippers and mustard stained pullover. the clothes that, when guest suddenly come by, you change out of, embarrassed, as if you were naked. that is what they are: they are my naked clothes.

dont get it twisted, its not as if i didnt do anything today. just because i pranced around metaphorically naked doesn't mean nothing was accomplished. quite the opposite, really. i achieved a ton of shit today. why, let me go over a few things:

i wrote a character letter for a friend of mine in jail. hopefully it will help encourage the judge to be lenient on his sentence. it was a genuine letter, with no flowery language or fancy words [well, maybe a few fancy words], and without getting to maudlin or resorting to sentimental manipulations. i truly believe my friend has served his time and should be set free. he committed a crime, yes, but he is not a criminal. i printed out this letter, signed it, and faxed it to his lawyer. all while wearing my naked clothes.

i summarized a marketing plan and updated all my sales reps on the major publicity campaign that is launching for an album one of my labels is releasing in may. i included tour dates, press clippings, retail marketing opportunities, and my phone number in case their were any questions or concerns. while composing this presentation i let my bare feet play with the wires on the floor under my desk.

i fixed the monitor on my PC so that it plays sound. this does wonders for youtube, but the effect is hit or miss with porno clips. sometimes you really don't want to hear what they're saying. of course, i had to test this theory out a few times. naked. for science reasons.

i gave my friend a pep talk. it's amazing that they keep coming out of me. i really thought that after a while, i wouldnt have anything inspiring to say to this guy, but whenever he needs one, i come through. now i know what a high school football coach feels like. a high school football coach wearing his naked clothes, that is.

i downloaded some new music for a DJ gig i have this saturday. and i smoked a spliff. and i fed my cats and i cleaned up some poetry. now im contemplating whether or not i should go to a job interview for a small but really cool record label tomorrow. the dilemma is that im overqualified and i really dont have the time, but i like this label and think it would be fun working for them. i guess i already know the answer, but when in your naked clothes, you like to entertain rhetorical decisions like this. just because you can.

bonus shit for the day:

Akon gives t-pain a call.
Prince thinks you're cute.
The charts and graphs of rap.


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