Tuesday, March 18, 2008

packing light

by this time tomorrow i will be in san francisco on a couch or bed stoned and debating weather or not its too early to drink a beer.

im sure it wont be.

im going to climb the hills of the western addition. im going to prowl the alleys of the tenderloin. im going to walk around the lower haight looking over my shoulder, paranoid about ghost.

im going to drink myself blind and overtip the bartender and try not to let the ATM machine eat my card again.

im gonna get stoned. hella stoned.

im going to see old friends and maybe make some new ones.

im going to eat a super chicken burrito from el torro or pancho villa or balazo or somewhere and im going to wash it down with an orange soda.

im going to stand opposite the speaker and groan and sneer at the DJ.

im going to notice the changes in my old neighborhood and note how different it is now. im going to whine about how things have changed. how my youth -my past- has been stolen. im going to wince at every new store and then sigh as i resign myself into the dim shadows of age.

im going to hold onto my phone, but im not promising i wont lose it.

im going to break the day [letting dawn warm my skin] and find that one of my socks got lost in the pornography of the evening and curse myself for getting to comfortable.

im also going to read and write. just to ensure i keep it somewhat clean.


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