Monday, March 17, 2008

long weekend

i woke up pretty late this morning. later than usual. ive had a long weekend so i felt i deserved it.

saturday i had to wake up early for class. a routine i doubt i will ever get comfortable with. this was after bartending the night before and then wasting valuable time reading about LOST until deep into the morning. the class wasnt too long and because there was a guest speaker [the author of a book that was a little too proud of himself considering his writing left me unimpressed] they provided coffee and snacks.

after class i had to go home and finish putting my records together. then i had to load my decks and mixer and all what not into a cab and take them to the bar. i tried to take a nap afterwards but it was spotty and restless. eventually i just started drinking beer and concerning myself with adding more records before i hit the gig.

id already filled my crates with R&B and hip hop gems, not to mention some deep disco and even some balearic house from the ancient days of beach dancing in europe. i put in some dance rock, some bootlegs, some forgotten pearls from days gone by. i added some edgy tunes i felt i could squeeze in. i took out some filler tunes that bordered on the dull and insignificant. finally the set felt complete and i headed to the spot.

the gig went well. it never got ram packed busy but it never got dead by any means. certain bombs i dropped worked just as i expected them. Santogold did some damage, a Soulwax remix to a Stones song blew up the spot. certain funk jams turned heads and the old school hip hop jewels worked their magic as always.

i drank heavily throughout. first a manhattan then a jameson then another jameson and always beer beer beer. by the time my set was coming to a close i was playing old jungle tunes and howling at the dancefloor WHAT?? THIS HERE IS A MONSTER!!! and i wasnt lying because it was a monster and they all agreed and danced along with me.

after i went to a friends house with some other friends and we drank more and smoked more and drank more and smoked. everyone was loud and sloppy and falling all over each other. it was kind of a mess but the sort of mess you like to find yourself in. the sort of mess i live for.

i stopped by the bar afterwards and drank until the sun came up. by the time i hit the bed i was blind drunk and had forgotten all my worries. they just washed away with the tide. it wasnt until the next day that it hurt. by the time i woke up i had to be back at work in an hour and a half. whiskey was still brawling in my gut. sweat still clung to my chest. tunes were still spinning in my head.

the rest id like to forget. c ya tomorrow.


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