Tuesday, April 15, 2008

writing while my white wine chills.

ive been some what of a dilettante lately. it suits me. i wear it well. in many ways im always a dilettante; dabbling in everything but remaining green, never getting my hands too dirty. but these days im extra careful not to find myself to involved. ive just spread myself to thin. ive got too many deadlines. im always running late. it gets to be that any one thing becomes just too much. everything else is always more important.

but thats neither here nor there.

tv is back on. my tivo list is backing up. every episode a must see. 30 Rock, The Office, CSI (the original, not the nyc crap or the miami puke douche), The Simpsons, South Park, and Battlestar Galactica. all new! every week! and those are just the standards. there is also the B-team. the late night cheeseburger programming. that includes Top Chef, How I Met Your Mother, Family Guy, and other good reasons to stop thinking for a half hour or so. Plus, when LOST comes back, ill have to wear diapers because ill be shitting myself in anticipation of every episode. ew. thats gross. why'd i even say that?

moving on.

so what i was getting at, is that tv has entered into the equation and its started demanding hours of my time. hours i cant really spare, but have to squeeze out some how. its the only way i can remain sane. or will it drive me to insanity? jesus, i gotta stop posting stoned.

in any case.

i just watched the movie Across the Universe. Its the musical that came out last year which features all beatles songs. the movie itself wasnt bad. it was a decent framework i guess. but the songs are really what makes the movie. im pretty sure almost any movie would stand up if it prominently featured only Beatles music. i mean, they were pretty good, or so ive read on the internet. the filmmakers rearranged the songs a bit, but they were pretty well done. the Eddie Izzard number was just fucking stupid thoough, and ruined one of my favorite Beatles songs. fucking asshole.


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