Monday, January 28, 2008

cause i would never be that cruel to you

things that have happened since i got back from Costa Rica lately:

- i saw There Will Be Blood. it was very good. you should go see it. if for nothing less than the Raisonettes.

-i bought a pack of camel filters and i kind of like them.

- i went back to school. i have a class on saturday at 9am. so that guy on Fat Albert was wrong. If one is like school on saturday, one is thus classy, and does not have no class. so shut up you fucking asshole.

- i have started a play list for a New Jack Swing mix. Never in a million years would i have thought i'd be making a playlist with Michel'le on it. well, actually, yeah. its kind of typical when i think of it. you know, now that ive really put some thought into it, this has probably been done a million times, or at least about 20 times. shit, i bet DK has made one that will without a doubt be better than mine already. oh well, im still going to do it. its my prerogative.

- i started booking djs for the bar i tend. ive decided i dont want to dj there. im there enough. but if you are a brooklyn dj and you think you got soul and rhythm hit me up.

- i downloaded No Country For Old Men from a bit torrent site. im a criminal. if its any consolation, i could only watch 20 minutes of it on my laptop before i realized to get the true scope of the movie i'd have to see it in a theater and turned it off.

- Miles knocked over a plant and it broke the toilet seat and i had to sweep a bunch of dirt and dead leaves up from the bathroom floor at 7am. that was sweet.


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