Wednesday, January 09, 2008

i said good day sir!

by this time tomorrow ill be in costa rica.

surrounded by howling monkeys and thirsty locals and thick, wet, green trees with tarantula's crawling in them.

there will be a volcano erupting in the distance. ill see the hot orange cherries bursting up and then sliding in a thick pool down the mountain. a monkey will screech and swing from the top of a pole. a bus stop sign on the street corner. i'll be nervous and excited. hungry. ready for a drink.

seven days ill be there. 3 nights in the rain forest, marveling at the sloths, wary of the insects. then 3 nights on the beach. burning my belly on a surfboard. drinking cocktails in the sand.

im totally doing the zip line too. if you were in paris, you'd visit out the Louvre right?

then its settled. im out.

check ya later dudes.


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