Wednesday, January 02, 2008

ozzy osbourne rocks harder than you

i just finished the autobiography of Motley Crue. its called 'The Dirt' and i highly recommend it. now im going to read 'White Noise' by Don Delillo. After that i'll begin 'Blood Meridian' by Cormac McCarthy.

i suggest you read all three of these books, the second two are written by what could be argued as America's finest authors, the first one could be seen as a "How To" manual on rocking out. i never really liked Motley Crue or their music, but if they werent truely genuine rock stars then i dont know who is [ok, maybe the rolling stones are without question]. they are the rock stars that other rock stars try to emulate, and they were just because thats who they were. loud, violent, testosterone fueled assholes that loved making music and partying.

even they recognize though, that they could never, would never, and will never rock as hard as ozzy osbourne. that dudes just crazy.


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