Tuesday, January 08, 2008

two birds

my mother got a treadmill. she called me today to brag about it. she said one of the reasons she got it was because i inspired her with how i handle my hectic schedule while still squeezing in a little exercise every now and again. that and the fact that L-sixpack teaches pilates and lives a life of aerobic ambitions. the winter hasnt been kind either, which put a burden on her daily walks down the road and back. now she strolls a few miles in her living room while watching the shopping channel. she can drop a size and buy new clothes at the same time.

her husband got a weight set. im not sure if this is some old age crisis they are going through, or if they just cant resist a sale. he's already pretty strong, much stronger than me even though he's twice my age, so im not sure what he felt he needed a weight set for. i doubt he uses it, though ive been wrong about things before. it seems a little much to be lifting weights at that age. a gratuitous exertion of energy uncalled for in the twilight years. when i get that age, im pretty sure ill be comfortable settling into deterioration. im practically there already as it is.

next time i visit im going to challenge her to a race and him to a push up contest.


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