Thursday, January 03, 2008


a thread on one of the elite music industry discussion boards caught my interest. it was on the topic of the best musical scenes in movies of the last year. i hadnt thought much of it until someone mentioned the lapdance scene set to The Coasters "Down In Mexico" in the Tarantino flick, "Death Proof."

i had to concur. not only did that scene make me want the song [which a good scene will do] but it made khaki shorts and flip flops uber sexy. this also lead me to thinking about certain song use and how powerful it is in cinema. here are a few examples:

Michael Madson cutting off the cops ear to the tune of "Stuck in the Middle With You" in Reservoir Dogs. You will never hear that song the same again.

The entire soundtrack to "American Graffiti," which was actually one of the first movies where every scene was set to music [george lucas made most scenes 3 minutes to last the amount of time Wolfman Jack played a song on the radio]

Alex raping a girl while singing along to "Singing in the Rain" in "A Clockwork Orange." Brutal. Scarred me as a child.

The climax of "Boogie Nights" where the guys are sitting in that cokeheads mansion listening to "Sister Christian" while the strange asian kid continues to pop firecrackers.

and there are a million more [well, maybe a few hundred more]. im sure you have a few favs of your own.

but back on the topic of "Death Proof." i have to say, the first half of the movie was INSUFFERABLY boring, but once the halfway mark ended, after the first brutal death scene, the tension was ratcheted up and steadily built to a masterful climax that had me laughing and slapping five. good on ya tarantino!


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