Friday, June 22, 2007

the dilemma

when it rains my friends, when it rains...

on august 9th the beastie boys are playing at Mccarren Pool in Brooklyn. it will be the first time they have played brooklyn in 20 years, which is weird considering they have a song called "No Sleep till Brooklyn," and their last album was titled "To the 5 Buroughs," of which brooklyn is one of them. they play summer stage in central park the day before, but that is in manhattan and summer stage isnt the best venue to see a group as big as the beasties, so that option isnt that attractive. Mccarren pool has good sound, its not to big, and the stage is set up so that whereever you are in the place you can clearly view the act. i saw Bloc Party there last summer and although the show its self wasnt life affirming, the sound was good and i liked the atmosphere.

it is pretty safe to assume that, with the catalog the beasties have and their experience playing shows, the beastie boys concert will be nothing less than a memorable event. i can think of 10 songs of theirs from off the top of my head that would cause an absolute losing of the shit from me. im sure within the first 2 bars of "So Whatcha Want," i would need a change of pants.

we have tickets for the sold out beastie boys show. we are excited to be going. the doors open at 5:30. according to the website, there are no opening acts.

on august 9th daft punk are playing at key span park in brooklyn. it will be the first time ever they have played in brooklyn, and is quite possibly their last tour. from everything ive heard, daft punk play a jaw dropping show. there are plenty of clips on the web that attest to these praises. just watching some of them make me feel as if i'm 19 years old on 3 hits of ecstasy.

we do not have tickets for the daft punk show. but i am debating getting some. the doors open at 7:00. according to the website, there are 3 opening acts [all good, but none that i am desperate to see]. i think i can assume they will go on at 10:30 or 11.

why these shows were booked on the same day will remain a mystery to me, but i think i am going to try to make them both. it is doable. we have the technology. its going to be a marathon concert day for lil ol me, but im ready for it. im prepared to chug.

thing is, am i being to optimistic? will i be wasting money on a ticket to a show i wont be able to see? i have debated this in my head for hours on end and have concluded that there is no way i can miss either gig. but my own naive certainty aside, is it even possible. we shall see...


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