Tuesday, June 12, 2007

internet trouble

Fucking hell. The internet is acting up on me again. It seems to be clogged. Like a toilet. The pages aren’t loading, they are in perpetual refresh. Its stuck. Its dry heaving. It looks like it hurts.

So I'm off to Office Word to spin my mental wheels in a self correcting document, Microsoft style. There will be no spelling mistakes here, dear readers, i've got an editor, an electronic one, a computer even! So you can feel safe, youre in good hands. Not that I still wont find some way to fail you.

Anyway, so yeah, internet… uh, this is about it. what ya see is what ya get. You got a black background and some words (I think they’re white, or maybe a soft bluish color) and some pictures. There are some stories with an end and some jokes with a punchline (sometimes funny, sometimes meh) and some random comments about all whatever the fuck. I put some highlights up for you on the side, because I know sometimes its tedious to keep mining a cave with limited gold. I felt that was pretty generous of me, but truthfully, its just very vain.

I guess I can get pretty self deprecating, but you probably already caught on to that (youre not slow, your quick. Its obvious. Especially if youre reading this paragraph here. then that would imply not only are you quick, but youre very focused and patient. It takes a special sort of composure to wait through the first 100 words of a self serving post,. A certain endurance that I don’t have. Bravo to you, dear reader! I applaud your stamina!) sure, id agree that i house a certain degree of self loathing –it probably stems from my childhood issues, particularly, being raised by a schizophrenic mother (look out below, it’s another cry for help!) - but I find it fits into a modern mindset, so don’t consider myself embarrassed or troubled by it. hey, all the cool kids hate themselves. You want to be cool, don’t you?

In any case, the internet is working now. be cool breeze.


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