Wednesday, May 16, 2007

gettin by with a little help

monday is my friday. thursday is my monday. friday is my tuesday. and today is my sunday. i wish i could say more but its raining outside and ive got no words in me. i do know of a few others that do though.

Shawn post often, and is a good writer. he even accepts submissions, which lends a breath of generosity to his site. i like generous people. i guess thats an obvious thing to say. who doesnt like generous people, right?

speaking of generous people, i discovered DK from a link posted on a blog whose name i forget right now. it was to the Hip Hop Sgt. Peppers album cover he made. he actually recreated the entire album gatefold, from the lyrics and liner notes to the random images of Beatle iconography behind them. the amount of patience and craft was impressive. i let out a heavy exhale as i pored over the detail. i left a comment, a brief string of gratuitous praises and an inquiry on how i could purchase it from him. he sent me an email saying he would send one for free so i sent him back my address. then we had a small exchange, a discussion about loss and value and the city, and he said he would send a package off soon, with some more mixes gratis. he seemed a cool and genuine fellow. plus, his site is a wealth of knowledge on some really great music. check out his new 20 greatest blues album post.

The Kept Woman not only has a great blog name, but is pretty fucking funny. She lives worlds apart from me, which is why i think i like her site so much. clock how she documents being a mother. i am too lazy to write with such enthusiasm.

Poisonous Paragraphs is a really comprehensive hip hop blog focusing on mostly underground and less heralded factions of the genre. His list of the 25 most underrated MC's was what turned me on to him. the fact that he checked Saafir [noting his breakout guest performance on Casual's "Fear Itself," as the MC's jumping off point. which is absolutely true], and Ras Kas [noting his breakout guest performance on the Street Fighter Soundtrack's best track, "Come Widdit," and even posting the industry shaking verse, lyric for lyric], definitely sold me on his knowledge of undergound hip hop. he also writes about films. and i love reading about films. you should bookmark that dude, you know.. if youre into that sorta thing.

Here is a funny picture of Prince fending off a crazed fan. Even while flinching in terror, he still looks sexy and mysterious.

Susan as Herself is just that, i suppose. i dont know her that well so ill have to take her word for it. She rants about all kinds of things. read some of em. they are witty and honest and very there in chicago and with what is going on at that moment.

this may be the funniest thing i have ever seen. but i might be wrong. whatevs.

ill try to link all these on the sidebar soon. but right now i cant be bothered with it. maybe later. always maybe later.


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