Monday, May 14, 2007

the here and now

first we'll get into the here and the now.

i just lit a stick of incense so that it would cover up the smell of cigarette smoke. the cigarette smoke reeks and it crawls through the house and the bedroom and up her nose when i walk through it. and i always walk through it. to the kitchen for some grub or to the bathroom to take a piss or to the sink to wash my mouth of the stink from all the cigarettes. she hates the stink and hates waking up to it. so im trying to eliminate the stink by lighting a stick of incense, thus, i am in the process of keeping everybody happy. she is snoring soring softly while the gentle aroma of brooklyn corner jamaican magic burns and wafts through the house, and by now you have deduced that i am smoking a cigarette. that, my friends, is the end of the here and now.

ok. im too tired to get into the then and there, but what does it matter? we've already covered our bases.


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