Monday, October 16, 2006

day five: the diet

I have a horrible diet.

And I don’t mean I eat unhealthy foods, I mean I just don’t eat. It’s not like I plan it either, I’m not trying to lose weight and its not like I don’t have food, it just so happens that I’m never really hungry. So I just don’t eat.

The thing is, I know I'm supposed to eat. And sometimes I remember that I haven’t eaten in a while, so I just cram some food in my mouth for the sake of it, in hopes that maybe I am adhering to some sort of eating schedule that the nutrition gods have come up with. Ill find myself 8 hours into the day and realize I’ve had anything to fill my belly save a few cups of coffee from way back when I first woke up. I’ll eat a cheese sandwich and be full for the rest of the day.

My girlfriend says its because deep down I'm an insecure teenage girl. I say its because I'm just not hungry.

But the truth of the matter is I think I smoke too much weed, and cant get an appetite unless I have the munchies. Because lord knows when I have the munchies I can eat a herd of baby unicorns with some BBQ sauce on the side, but unless I get some weed in me I'm completely oblivious to the pangs of hunger.

Today I haven’t eaten a thing. Not even a slice of cheese, or a carrot, or some water. just some coffee and some cigarettes and now I'm feeling weak. I think I need to eat, but I'm not hungry. Whats with that?


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