Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the trip

The car serviced picked me up at 10:15 and I was at the airport by 11. My flight wasn’t until noon so I got a breakfast sandwich and some apple juice and tried making eye contact with people. Im not sure if this is ever a well thought out idea, as a matter of fact its probably going to spark up a situation of sorts one of these days, but I always do it when im bored and in large public places like concerts or beaches or airports, it’s a curious gauge, how long a stranger will hold your gaze. I don’t know what it measures, but if I can get someone to hold a stare until one of us breaks into smile [and at times inevitably, frown] its like ive scored a point. A simple victory to highlight the hour. no one really bit today though, except I did catch this old fat guy playing the game with me, I didn’t let him win though, I avoided his eyes, hiding behind my ipod. I was protected by Arcade Fire and Jay Z, Modest Mouse and Aphex twin. Fuck you fatty, stare at someone else.


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