Monday, January 02, 2006

lets roll

2005 kind of sucked. i mean, aside from just the natural disasters that provided nightmares the world throughout, the realization that our idiotic commander in chief is set to ruin another 4 years finally sunk in and Arrested development got canceled.

and thats just the tip of the iceberg: people died and people didnt die. some fools got rashes and others got cold sores. women got pregnant and men left them to raise the child alone. really horrible music was created and then committed to compact disk. then millions of tone deaf teenagers bought it at a big chain stores that also sold hunting apparel and lunchables. Dame Dash had a tv show and jamie foxx made an r&b record. Fiction was once again declared dead, but again, nobody noticed. Journalism was exposed as corrupt, and its lone sheriff blew his head off without leaving a note. i stubbed my toe, twice, and had to get spinal surgery. drugs got boring and drinks became expensive and the stink of nicotine lost its warmth and the afternoon became just another few hours of sunlight.

but all thats in our past. i forgive 2005. it was just another year to remember. another year to have behind me. i have the scars to prove i was there, to remind me that i was in it. and i have another year ahead, or at least another day ahead, or at least a few more hours ahead, to get things together in my head, to take a deep breath, to adjust my halo, and move forward.


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