Thursday, December 29, 2005

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ive been obsessing over the somethingawful forums. some are confusing, some are slightly amusing, some are hilarious, some are shit. some are too geeky and others are dumb. there is a crowd of cool kids and a crowd of dorks, a crowd of elitist and a crowd of losers. its kinda like a high school cafeteria, without any food but still with a bunch of fat dudes. its one large target market demographic. an infinitely insiteful peek into the ones and the zeros of today. its a waste of time and i cant get enough of it.

a friend gave me an account for christmas, knowing it would be a sweet vacation binge for me. once i began to explore it, i couldnt stop. its prevented me from starting a new book, or figuring out ableton, or fingering my ass to trannie porn, or drinking loads of cough syrup watching seinfeld in slow-mo. its prevented me from doing anything but suffering through its pages and pages of people talking shit.

shit about sex. shit about losing sex.. shit about movies. shit about music. shit about shit. and general bullshit. its a shitfest there. shit mania 2005 is about to end, buckle your seatbelts and prepare for the glory that is SHITMANIA '06! it will be shitacular! you will shit your pants at the shit that will be spewded during SHITMANIA '06! there will be shit about mothers! fathers! girlfriends and boyfriends! shit about your neighbor! shit about you place of work! and if youre lucky, shit about YOU! thats right its SHITMANIA '06, where will you be when the shit hits the fan?

i cant get enough of it. im a goon. an honorary goon.

in other news, i got some nice cords from G-Star today. thats right, i keep it fashionable bitches. they are some pretty nice cords, nothing too fancy, but i got a fancy ass bag to take 'em out the store in. seriously, this bag is fucking fancy. its the kinda bag posh spice probably carries her labradoodle around in, its that fancy. when they put my pants in it and handed it to me i was like, DANG! do i get to keep the bag too? then, just to be sure i could, i bolted from the store, knocking over an elderly hipster on the way out. bitch should have gotten outta my way.


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