Tuesday, December 27, 2005

post christmas nooner

damn i cant believe im in the office. its just me and two other people, oh, and a few tumbleweeds and the ghost of christmas past. speaking of, merry christmas people on the intraweb. and happy new year too, or whatever.

im making this quick only because i can. but i will be posting regularly soon. very soon. i will be posting at least once every day. starting today i guess. and once i start, i wont stop.

and i wont stop, and i dont stop, now anybody, everybody, scream...

i watched Fade to Black last night. that jay z movie. the dvd kept skipping so we missed the part where he did Big Pimpin, which kinda sucked because thats one of his more wreck the club grind and rub type joints. oh well.

i guess i should do some work, so i can bounce the fuck up outta here soon. like i said, this wont be the last time you hear from me, so dont get all comfy skipping over this site. you might miss something good if you do.

oh yeah, and ive really been into the juelz santana record [tick...tock...tick...tock] as well as this band the earlies. dont sleep.


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