Wednesday, December 28, 2005


its going to start slow. ill post something every day but it will be dull and unenlightened. it wont have any value or reason. it will be a waste of time. but the days burn down things will come to me, inspiration, desperation, a scene from the archives of my memory. i'll peruse the internet, searching for humor or sex or a juicy rumor about someone none of us know. maybe i'll confess one of my sins, or make one up for kicks. maybe something funny will come to mind, or something sad, or curious.

maybe the blackness of my imagination will surprise me. maybe the long dry desert will become a canvas of miracles and maybe i will describe them all.

maybe ill witness a murder, or a birth. maybe it will be in my neighborhood, or in front of my office, or on television.

maybe i'll see a great movie, maybe it will change my life. or hear a song that takes me back to a moment of pure innocence and i'll cry because i never feel that way anymore.

maybe i'll learn a new word, or read a new book, and maybe it will tilt my reality a bit and i'll see things under a different light.

maybe i'll see someone i know, or knew, or want to meet. maybe me and this person will have a marvelous adventure together and maybe then have a falling out and never speak to each other again after but appreciate the story left between us.

maybe a beautiful woman will open up her heart to me, and trust me with things she has never trusted anyone else with. maybe she wont be beautiful at all, but homely and average and invisible in the city. maybe she will be disfigured and it will take every cell in my body to look her in the face.

its gonna take a while, its gonna be slow, but soon, i'll have something to write about.


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