Thursday, October 13, 2005


its been raining since saturday. ive been walking in it with my head down and my hands shoved in my pockets. the street lamps glare reflects off the puddles and the light gray sky reflects off the puddles and a car rushes by and crushes through the puddles and you can see the city shiver and your face in the puddles. they are everywhere in every gutter on every corner and getting deeper by the hour.

i like the rain. i like standing in it. i like hiding in it. i like the feeling of it washing through me, soaking me to to the core. when standing in the rain you feel inside of it, like the marrow in a bone. you feel involved with the sky, with the day and the night. its comforting and gross and cold and warm all at the same time, kind of like spooning with your mother.

i especially like getting under a blanket and curling up in my apartment and watching the rain beat against my window. i like listening to it tap and slide and sighing and smiling and waiting for it to end.

its not cool though when the skylight above your cubicle has a leak and the rain drips from above onto your keyboard and desk. when that happens im all, -fuck the rain, and i curse and grimace and stick my middle finger to the sky.


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