Friday, October 07, 2005

stumbling into the weekend

yeah so i fell off the wagon. went ahead and had a beer last night. shit, you try finding a bottle of wine at 10pm in Brooklyn. you cant. trust me. and its not like i didnt try either. i looked high and low but to no avail.

so i took a small step back. well, since it was malt liquor i guess that small step was a more of a tiny leap. but whatever, i was drunk by the end of the bottle, thats what really counts.

in any case, i plan on putting up a proper post soon. ive just been so consumed lately. see, its not you. its me. its work and its school. Its this city. Its this age. Its this guilt i'm poisoned with, it wont allow me to get easy and relaxed. its stolen my humor. its stolen my peace. its stolen my mornings and my days and nights too. its a thief is what it is. its a thief with good grip.

next week is looking good though, shall i pencil you in?

here are a few things to keep you busy until i post sometime this weekend. i realize that your life revolves around my every move so i apologize if ive left you hanging the past few days. i assure you, it wont happen again.

in the mean time:

hey ladies! cant find that special someone? well here is the site for you.

dont feel pretty enough? why not get some accessories to show off those eyes?

sick of your cd collecton? let someone else choose your music for you by style and mood.

hey, is that your uncle over there?

if i had a wishlist, which i dont and never will, every book on this site would be on it.

this woman needs to slow it down a bit. well actually, no shes doing fine.

if i would follow tony's advice and update on the daily, i wouldnt haveto post these silly linkfest.

alright thats enough. move it along. nothing to see here.


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