Sunday, October 02, 2005

sunday flush

ive woken up in some strange places, man. places i didnt remember falling asleep in sometimes. i always flinch from the sensation. that sudden realization that i'm awake and have no idea where i am. its disorienting.

one time i woke up in a car at a gas station at 6am to rapid tapping on my window. the face staring in at me was old and frightened and white. i cant remember if it was a man or a woman, but i do remember that i was in the middle of missouri, and that i was in a car with the promoters of this party i had played at the night before, and that we had run out of gas on the way to kansas city and coasted off of the highway into a closed gas station. there was a graveyard across from it and it seemed we were in the middle of no where. i was sure that i was the only black person for miles.

one time i woke up in a cramped hotel room that was filthy with clothes and bottles and ashtrays and magazines. i realized that it was a residential hotel room, that i was in somebodys home. i noticed my pants were undone and i checked my pockets and found my wallet with money still in it. i had nodded out on something, maybe GHB, i felt heavy and sick. the door opened and a girl came in and said i had to go because she needed the room. she had fussy red hair and pale skin and too much eyeliner on. i got up and went silently.

one time i woke up in a bed in a penthouse. i still had a glass of wine in my hand but, strangely enough, i was naked and under the covers. i have no idea how that happened, still trying to piece that one together. anyway, L-birdsong was nudging me awake in a rush of paranoia. it was 3 in the afternoon, we had to leave. NOW. she asked if we should clean up the place and i said no, that they had cleaning people for that. i grabbed my records and on the way out heard a vicious argument in the living room but didnt stay to investigate, we just grabbed our shit and left.

there are others i guess, but none of this means anything anyway, so why go on about it?

i didnt wake up anyplace strange this morning though. nope. i woke up in my bed with a pillow in my arms and a pillow under my head. with my first waking breath i could feel the sun and the wind and the ease of sunday stream into me. L-pilates came home and jumped on the bed and kissed my neck and the fresh nocturne of fall swelled all around us. there was nothing disorienting about this morning. it spread itself out evenly. weekend leisure is the bomb.


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