Thursday, September 15, 2005

wash your mind

so i went through my sitemeter and decided it would be interesting to see what search words or phrases had brought innocent people to this site. what kind of quest would one be on that would result in them coming here. it was quite an eye opening experience, one i think we can all learn a little from. i am at the end of some curious roads. here are a few of the words that lead to the man:

old hairy ass
as anyone that has read this blog knows by know, i LOVE old hairy ass. the older the ass, the hairier the ass, the sexier the ass. thats my motto. young, bald asses just dont do it for me anymore. First name that comes to mind when i think of hot ass: Rue McClanahan. when i think about it, in another 30 years my girlfriends ass is gonna be SO OLD, and SO HAIRY, that it gives me a boner just thinking about it.

how do i make her horny
i have know idea, all women are different. some want you to buy them flowers and to maybe gently nibble on their ear over a nice dinner, some women want you to squat over a glass table and take a dump while they lay under it. it takes all kinds. one thing ive noticed usually works for me: vodka and rohypnol. makes em putty in your hands. good luck!

meth whore tales
ive got a million of these. there was the 6 day binge in '98 that lead to what is known as the "Great Anal Crusades" and ended in what will forever be remembered as "Black Wednesday". There was a crushed up morning with this filipino trannie and her endless collection of trance cd's. there was that gig in the hills of oakland at the home of a dominatrix on house arrest. i think that party is still going on.

demi moore bush
grand. aint it?

tossing the salad
what does the tossing? well, usually your tongue. oh.. well, whats in the salad? um.. mostly anus.

vagina cornrows
i dont know who was searching for vagina cornrows but a few things came to mind when i read that phrase. 1) you would need a bush of demi moore proportions to get a nice braid going. 2) one would have to have someone else do this and if they didnt, would they braid them up towards the belly? 3) if you went to a salon and asked someone to cornrow your vagina, how much would they charge? 4) i bet you can find cornrowed vagina in prison. unshaven bush + years of nothing to do = fun with pubic hair.

real black love
what do you know about real black love?


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