Wednesday, September 14, 2005

pre-caffein kicks

and it was a typical tuesday night indeed. the club was red and the Dj was playing a really good set of worldly sounding hippie electronica circa san francisco, 1998. i had a pint of beer in my hand and about 40 ounces more in my bloodstream. we were at some club in brooklyn at a small release party for a boring record and the girls were cute but the music kept me fixed.

i wrote that on tuesday night [obviously] when i got home from said club. nothing terribly eventful happened, which would explain the brief synopsis. i had a few drinks and saw some people i just barely knew. i said hello but couldnt remember their names so didnt get engaged in conversation. i had some more drinks. i bobbed my head to the beat a little. you know, the typical fare.

ive been old and jaded and boring and busy. ive been rocking back and forth on the F train reading a book or staring at peoples shoes. i do that when im on the subway sometimes to pass time. i'll check out peoples footware and try to guage how easy they have it in life. i try to put a face to the feet without actually looking up. how many wrinkles the person has around their eyes can sometimes be measured by how worn their soles are. or at least thats what i like to imagine when im alone and tired and swaying to and fro on subway. when i have no books to read and no tunes to listen to and right there in front of me is a great metropolis of human hooves. i like shoes, they protect your feet when youre kicking ass. plus, if your leg gets tired of kicking, you can take them off and throw them at people, thats always a pleasent surprise when in the middle of an ass whuppin.

i'll put up a proper post sometime later, until then maybe you should enjoy a few list because you know, everyone enjoys a good list. also, if you support the crusade against filth than you are at the wrong site and eventually the smell of your shit on my dick is gonna make us both vomit. seriously, that shit stinks dude.


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