Friday, September 02, 2005

keepin it greasy

So i use Firefox when im browsing the internet at work. and i just discovered they have this nifty little extension called Stumble Upon that you can download. what it is is a button in the toolbar you can click and be randomly forwarded to a site that you have already predetermined you might be interested in [there is a catagory page you fill out to filter the sites to just your liking].

because im bored with blogging right now im going to just put a bunch of links to random shit i stumbled across while ... er... stumbling. i doubt i post this weekend, i just got 2 grams of speed and a bottle of xanax in the mail so i'll probably spend the next 72 hours in a hotel room with a tube of astroglide, the latest issue of Cat Fancy magazine, and steady stream of big boned hookers. so enjoy the links bitches, ill catch you on the flippity flop.

-check it out, a massive list of dj mixes, most genres are leaning toward electronic music, which is for chumps. but you knew that, right?

-a hacker text translator. 7H12 12 pr377Y PHuCk1ng l4m3

-a childrens book that is not really a childrens book but a manual for scientologist aliens to take over the world. here is a sample lyric: "Pink Zogg will supervise population cleansing." you dont even want to know who or what Pink Zogg is. [hint-it gave birth to you]

-a collection of images from the 70s. kitsch is boring by the way.

-an article on Black Flag that makes you wish henry rollins were doing less lame VH1 appearances and silly hollywood movies and more punching people in the forehead and rubbing shit on his fans faces all G.G. Allen style.

-a really cool online art piece that lets you zoom into a painting so far you forget what the original painting looks like.

-images of drunk white people. you so crazy whitey!

-proof that the writers of the simpsons are funnier than you. i tried to told ya.

-photos of women you will never ever have sex with. again, i tried to told ya.

-this guy had two penises and what looks like a leg coming out of his crotch. damn hes lucky. can you imagine all the chicks id be doing if i had TWO dicks?!

you know come to think of it. Stumble Upon aint all that. those links were so so at best. pfft.

later tricks.


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