Tuesday, September 13, 2005

im so tired

im so tired even the new sigur ros album is too "rocking" for me right now.

im so tired it took both hands to push an elderly lady down the stairs this morning.

im so tired ive got to have a running start to take a shit.

im so tired that when a girl walked past me with incredible hips and my friend said "wow, she has an amazing ass," i was too lazy to turn around and just had to take his word for it.

im so tired it took only one hand for an elderly woman to push me down the stairs this morning.

im so tired that if i were in front of the television set and showing was an all day infomercial on the miracles of colon cleansing i wouldnt have the energy to change the channel.

im so tired i have to let out a grunt of exertion everytime i blink.

im so tired someone started to tell me a story of how they were lying in a hammock smoking a cigarette and i was like "whoa! slow down there turbo, i cant take that much excitement right now." but i didnt really exclaim it, i kinda of let the words fall out of my mouth in a horse whisper.

im so tired if someone told me to bend over then put on a rubber glove and said "now this is going to hurt a little," i would yawn and be all 'whatever dude.'

im so tired i started this post on saturday and its tuesday and im hoping to maybe have it done by thursday.

im so tired it sort of hurts.

i wanna take a nap.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like how you complain about being tired, then a spam-bot comes in and tells you to take hard-cock pills.. as if that would help your fatigue.

5:15 PM EDT  
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