Tuesday, August 16, 2005

sick day

this morning i called in sick because my back was feeling tight and awkward and i got nervous and suddenly wasnt up for working. actually i emailed, for fear that someone would answer the phone if i called and i would have to sound as well as feel wounded, which i wasnt really up for either.

when i got back out of bed i drank some water and stretched and then went to the smoking room and rolled a spliff. i always feel guilty when i call in sick. even when i am sick. so i checked my email to see if anyone replied. nope.

i do this pilates tape thats designed for back strengthening. i feel like a dumbass for doing the tape and id be a dumbass for not doing it. twelve minutes later the session was done and as i got off my yoga mat i tried to shake off the fear of feeling feminine. i dont have any room for that.

i pop in this DVD of this bad horror flick called "Wrong Turn." its set in the mountains of west virginia and well, you can guess whats gonna happen in a horror movie set in the mountains of west virginia. yep, thats right. murderous hillbillies with a hankering for human flesh! oh, and with barbecue sauce and ranch, cuz you know hillbillies love they ranch. there was a few creepy scenes, and few gruesome deaths [the choked with barb wire in the mouth death was pretty sweet] and the girl and the guy survive in the end. i suppose it could have been worse,

then i checked my email. then i went to the corner gourmet health food market. bought some grub for the belly. came home and smoked another spliff. checked my email. surfed the intraweb.

what a boring post. i can be a real fucking bore sometimes. haha. eat it with ranch bitches.


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