Tuesday, August 09, 2005


i got my first anonymous comment yesterday. that means someone read this blog that i didnt know and that what i wrote inspired them to engage me in dialog! yes! it is a new day, friends. i have broken through the bubble and am now part of the great cyber-metropolis! no longer am i unnoticed on the world wide web, now im ignored! you want to see what the anonymous commenter left? check it out:

Rap does not suck! Obviously, u r a tard for thinking that.
I mean come on.

oh the joys of the internet.

but i really wish that commenter would have left a name or something. im not asking for a site or an email address, but just a title from which to refer to them as. Leon from Goodland, Kansas did. [bravo Leon! respect due. i hope to see your words again. they are awesome!] but where the anonymous posters name would be it just said, "What?!?" and i can only assume that is not the name they were christened but part of the wonderfully literate comment they left. who ever though of just using the letter 'u' instead of 'you' and 'r' instead of 'are'? thats so clever! wow!

and its not that i dont understand why one would remain anonymous, especially when they are leaving unfavorable or disagreeable comments. i guess its perfectly natural for some people to cower when they speak their mind. i mean, there are conditions from which some people are raised that dont condone such confrontational behavior, and still there are other conditions in which people were discouraged to protest. and yet still there are others cases which people dont want to argue, or get into any kind of debate, but just to throw their opinion in the air and hope someone hears it.

i understand, i hardly encourage confrontation. i choose to feel no need for it. if its necessary, its necessary, but i really hope its not, and i dont step up to it, but then again, i try not to back down either.

not saying i dont back down, but i try not to.

see, sometimes its hard to voice your stand on things. sometimes it takes a lot of courage. sometimes its all you can do just to say it, let alone let everyone know you said the words, and it takes a certain strength just to feel significant in that sense. i understand this and empathize with the anonymous poster.

so i wont condemn those that post anonymously, just be annoyed by them. they are the pestering voices in your head, the kid on the plane that wont shut up. they have knew fandangled ways of transcribing pronouns and rub it in your face every chance they get. anonymous posters, although not the most welcome crew to the party, are at the party nonetheless.

and im just going to stop writing about anonymous posters. im sure they dont waste this much time on me.


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