Saturday, August 06, 2005

disco lights

you know, every time i go to 'create a new post' blogger ask me to log in. and every time i log in i click the little "remember me" box. yet it never remembers me. blogger is a fucking asshole.

but thats neither here nor there. i mean, you get what you pay for, right?

anyway, i was perusing my memories on the way back from the pool and the laps and the what not, when a passing headlights strobe like flicker jarred a scene from a few months ago.

me and L-tinkle were going out to meet a close friend of ours for drinks and a show. our friend is the manager of this singer/artist/disco sensation named xavier. it was xaviers show we were going to.

we met up early at this burger joint in the east village. it was me, L-tinkle, our friend the manager, xavier, and xaviers publicist, whos names escapes me now. we had a bite, a few drinks, and took the party up the street, where a friend was working the door for this fag party. the spot was called "The Boys Room," but i think its now closed and has reopened as "The Anus." in any case, we got in for free and it was open bar until midnight; and if you know the score, thats the way forward.

we get our wrist bands and march through the velvet curtains. the place is, predictably, packed with guys. there are two dudes in bikini shorts go-go dancing on the bar. only half the crowd are wearing shirts, and two thirds are wearing cowboy hats. the back wall is covered with flattened gay porno video cassette boxes. one of the tapes had obviously made it into the VCR that fed every television set in the bar. it seemed that naked men were everywhere.

i make my way to the bar and get a couple drinks for me and L-sober. the place was gay, but it wasnt uncomfotable, cruising crowd, if im not taking or receiving i dont belong here gay. it was just a fag party. me and L-sweet checked the temperature and it was cool. the dark corners were still, drinks were in everyones hands, it was fine.

and me having raced the disco scene and her being just a plain hag, felt confident in our safety. we lived in san francisco, we know what it looks like when its messy, and it wasnt messy yet. it was still early. there were still times to be had.

so we swallow a few there and head to the show. the scene is electro clash, with a lot of glam thrown in. when i realized the picture i thought to myself so this is where all the club kids went. there was make up and androgyny, a disco ball and glitter. it was kind of exciting. i think i squealed at one point.

as im ordering more drinks i see El-flirty talking to this guy. i can see from her body language that she doesnt know him. lots of nervous swaying and the over eager head nod. i bring the drinks over and she introduces us. just as i figure, some straight guy desperately clinging on to any female he sees in hopes that he doesnt get into an intriguing conversation with a gay.

i hand her her drink and walk away. i can see she needs the attention of a guy hitting on her and i allow it. i give it to her. she deserves it. who am i to prevent her happiness? im not a jealous guy. i know she wont leave me. not for another guy. not for one night. and if she did it would be in class. not in front of my face. this i know, so i dont worry.

she comes back over and tells me what i assumed. we drink some more and watch xavier and he gives it his all, putting on an excellent show. we leave.

and of course, headed to another gay bar. this one called "The Cock." the gays are clever with their bar names. not like us blacks can contest to anything, im sure somewhere out there is a bar called "Bling Bling." regardless, the cock has a bathroom with absolutely no doors and its facing the dance floor. classic.

so at the bar is a dj and a bunch of queens dancing. the vibe is nice, but getting anxious. the Dj is playing typical new york club house. dark with vocals and build ups that let you know when your supposed to be peaking. a girl is singing over the music. its someone i know. this cute black chick i flirt with when im out sometimes.

she comes up to me with a look in her eye. we get into an intense discussion involving race and mixed relationships. we agree on somethings and concede on others. the conversation gets steadily heated. L-visable has disappeared with her drink. the crowd is sweaty and crammed. we start talking about flings and sex and sex with each other. L-whiff is no where to be found, i search over the room and dont see her anywhere. cute black chick says that if she could she would take me into the bathroom and fuck me right there. then she thinks again and says, well maybe not THAT bathroom.

i take a sip of my drink and explain to her that right then i want nothing more than to fuck her silly or be fucked silly but i think im being really disrespectful to my girlfriend, being that she is there and all, and i should try to find her.

cute black chick agrees. i give her a hug and she lets me feel her ass, then i turn around a L-presto is right there. i give her a hug and grab her ass as well, just to make it even. she ask who i was taking to and i tell her. she ask if i know she wants to fuck me and i tell her i do. then i say, but im not gonna fuck her baby, and kiss her forehead. she says you better not and pouts a little.

and then, just to own the situation, i introduce the two. they shook hands in embarrassment, then i said good bye and lead L-magenta outside and hailed a cab. on the way home she tells me she saw that straight guy she was flirting with at the show while at the cock. she said he was weird and she thinks hes gay and then she snuggled up against me and moaned herself to sleep.

i thought to myself, i swear -that had to be the one of the most homo, while simultaneously being one of the most hetero, nights i've ever had. i smoked my last cigarette and flicked the butt onto the manhattan bridge. i forget what time it was.


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