Thursday, August 11, 2005

thursday in cincinnati

ive wondered what it is that cincinnati has to offer. ive wondered what it is that every one else has but is theirs. what kind of culture brews here? who are these people? whats seperates them from the rest? what makes this cincinatti, and not any place else?

a lot of cities have their own modus operandi, their own process. it's what makes a city particular, how it defines the location its set in. lots of cities have it.

lets just take it from the musical aspect, because thats what is most greatly reflected in my eyes.

memphis and new orleans have their own history, their own culture, as does seattle and chicago. nebraska and austin have manifested an ideal of their own; even st. louis and kansas city have stories to tell. and why bother with the big guns, SF, LA, and NY have proved their mettle to numerous generations.

but what about here? what is it thats unique about the 'nati?

as far as i can tell, nothing. their is a decent skyline, an art museam, nd a kinkos thats open till at least midnight. im at a hotel in the center of downtown and the streets are largly empty. oh, theyre also are wet from the rain earlier, so when a car does pass by, the wheels make a squishing sound on the asphalt.


we went to this art show earlier. their were DJ's, and break dancers [and yes sam, most of them where white], and some of the artist. they were selling alcohol so i had a few glasses of white wine. there were a couple cute girls, most of them were really good dancers, and where getting all up in the cirle on the dance floor in from of the DJ booth.

i think thats why they were so cute. they could cut a fiberglass rug with those moves. damn they were good.

and the art was pretty good too. i think. but i dont think im that good of a judge when it comes to visual art. in any case, there was this video playing that looked as if the filmakers just filmed a wall in a loft and let a bunch of graffiti artist take turns taking down what one did and putting up another. like a rotating canvas without ego. all in high speed, set to psychedelic funk and hip hop. it was clever, to say the least.

but that ended. and we went and got some alcohol and went up to our hotel room. after two glasses of wine i decided to see if that kinkos was still open. and it was. so im here. writing nothing much.


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