Wednesday, August 10, 2005

ghetto gowns

so tomorrow i fly to Cincinnati for Scribble Jam and some underground hip hop in the heartland. its this 3 day festival showcasing where a bunch of rap artist most people havent heard of yet get their chance to shine. i told sam to meet me there with a six pack, a joint, and a bottle of pills but he declined saying -why would i want to go see a bunch of white boys breakdance?

fair enough.

its gonna be an affair of backpacks, sports caps and teenage angst and i hafta sit behind a booth, pushing our roster. two of our artist are headlining so ive gotta help set up an autograph signing too. of course meeting people and bullshitting over a beer is the main focus of the trip. im not alone either, shakeyface is coming with. he even said hes gonna set up his studio in the hotel room, maybe the next "Dark Side of the Moon" will be made in the hotel room of a downtown Best Western in the midwest.

L-breezy leaves tomorrow too. she going back to Cali, not to dissimilar from how LL did it back in the 80's. shes going to be soaking up the sun, having her some fun and passing all the cars on the way. with the movement of the wind and the back wheels spin and she pops in the cassette and presses play. lucky girl. i wish i could be there with her, hands on her waist, lips on her stomach, listening to the waves break and crash. that would be awesome.

but alas, i will be in fabulous kinkynasty. i'll be annoyed by the kids, drinking beer after beer, announcing my hellos with gusto. i gotta work up the courage to be delightful company for a weekend and i gotta do it by tomorrow morning. damn, thats a long weekend, thats a lot of courage i gotta work up.

im sure i'll meet some nice and talented people. and Diplo's playing thursday night so that could be something to post about.
not that i gauge how fulfilling an event is on weather or not i post about it, but you know, if its really BAD i'll post about it too. if its just meh, then i wont waste my time transcribing it.

who am i kidding? i probably would regardless, what the hell else am i gonna go on about?

anyway, when i get back L-tanline will still be sipping on margaritas by the pool, so i'll have the house to myself, and you know what that means... peanut butter and bacon sandwiches while watching porno on the "big" screen. [surfer hands]

oh, and sleeping alone. and no one here to get my jokes, or put their head on my chest, or kiss me on the neck and ask me whats the matter? no one here to tell me jokes about R. Kelly, which are really good and always put me in stitches, or to lay there on the bed and stretch their arm out and say -do i look sexy? the whole time knowing she does and just wants me to say it and i always do, because she is, shes hella sexy. but shes not gonna be here. its just gonna be me.

and the skippy. and the bacon. and all the rest of it.

oh yeah, and kids on the 2 train wearing t-shirts that hang below their knees.

lets pray cinci delivers on some hot ghettoness


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