Thursday, August 04, 2005


i put off writing that press release again. its somewhat overwhelming, the fact that this, what i write, determines to a certain degree how much the album sells. if it doesnt sell alot than my friend, who owns the label the record is coming out on and who put up all the money for making it, might never be able to put out another record again.

i would be stealing his future; kidnapping his dream. that wouldnt be cool dude.

this is a labor of love for him. a few years in the making. the basic concept of the album, or project, as i will refer to it as from here on out, is built upon the work of this jazz cat from chicago. he incorporates african rhythms into his music, making this deep, heavy, drum laden jazz. its spare, with wide breaths of space, but that just makes each note more important. still, sometimes it gets a little tedious, the tracks are ten minute long "pieces."

but thats where my friend Josh made it his own, he got a group of cutting edge producers to remix the aforementioned "pieces." and these guys are on the edge of the "cutting edge." Henrik Schwarz, IG Culture, Osunlade, Charles Webster. these guys names perk up the ear of only the most discerning listener. Schwartz with his psychedelic dub techno, Osulade with his soulful afro house, IG with his stomping broken beat. they all fit within the scope of the tunes this cat is making. this is a collage of electronic music genius molesting the notes of ancient jazz. its not a new concept, but Josh put a new level of depth in it.

thing is, its so deep it takes a while to get absorbed into it. and truth be told it get boring at times. not that i cant make it sound fresh but sometimes i wonder if my genuine enthusiasm comes out when i write. im sure it does, and if thats the case this press release might not have the umph this record needs in order to get heard by all the right listeners [i.e. sell many copies].

i guess no one really cares about this, but its what was on my mind when i sat down and got stoned and took a sip of my drink and opened up safari and went to create new post in my bookmarks. ill go ahead and marinate on this project, and eventually get something decent to the label. they'll consider it satisfactory and ill not hear about it again. then maybe ill post some fine asses. or something.


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