Wednesday, July 27, 2005

and thelma too...

damn this blog is gay. i mean, its like looking at yourself in the mirror and waxing your chest gay. its tom cruise gay. its tail end of a topical joke gay. scientology gay.

i mean, i realize that this site is mine alone. and that i can use it to help me translate some of the more confused and, faggy feelings i might grapple with at times. and i understand that its pretty normal to go through difficult trials in life, with yourself and with your loved ones, and regardless of whatever age you are. but really, sometimes i can just post some of the sappiest shit.

of course i cant regret it, i mean, it is what i felt at the time of posting it, and i cant say i regret how i felt. shit, i felt it, i experienced the sensation, what can i do about it now? and i feel right now that i should point out, because i am always one to pick at flaws in a statement [mainly ones that I have made], having an emotion and making a decision are two different things, see, you can regret making a decision. my point is i dont have any qualms about leaving my sappier post up. there are many different shades of jon and apparently this includes one fairly gay shade. its probably a light salmon or ...gasp! a sexy fuchsia! ooh... my pussys chafing just thinking about my gay shade!

but all embarrassingly poor attempts to veil my insecurities aside, i be writing some wimpy shit sometimes. not that im trying to be all manly on this blog. i mean, it IS a blog. but if i had stumbled across this site, which im sure people do sometimes, in the last few days, i would have given me a big fat PFFT!. it would have been all wet and spitty too, and i probably would have had to wipe my moniter after, but it would have been worth it cuz damn, i mean, PFFFT! who wants to read that shit?

and im not whining mind you. well, maybe i am a little, and better yet, thats the point. i can totally whine on this blog! i mean, i can talk about the most sensitive cry into my cheerleading pom poms vomit because i think im fat shit i want, and whos gonna stop me? who? shit, aint no one paying me to write this shit. ill post whatever i want. i can post about chicks with hairy ass legs [like, fuckin worse than hippie hairy, ive seen them] or old dudes with glass eyeballs. or people high on cocaine that try to recite to your their poems in the bathroom stall at a club. or creepy wine store owner guys that might be flirting with you but you arent really sure so you still get your reisling from him. or ana's or mia's or fashion or, in one word to sum up of all this, pop music. but i dont. shoo, i write whatever the fuck i happen to write when i write it. like that sentence right there. and that one. see? i did it again.

well regardless of what i write and my OperatingThetan level, here's the score recently:

-while in minneapolis i stole a phrase from a movie Fresh loathes to death and attached it to something we all can enjoy. masturbating. thats right, from here on out, instead of saying im going to beat my meat, chafe my shaft, jerk my work or grope my rope, im gonna starting sayin that imma whoop that trick. see how that goes? its like: -whatchu gonna do tonight dude? -um.. i dont know, watch some seinfeld, eat some leftovers, whoop that trick, then go to bed. or, yo, you see that Good Times marathon homie? man, after seven straight hours of hot Willona action i had to lock the door and straight whoop that trick! im pretty sure its gonna catch on and everyone on the internets gonna be saying it soon. and if you think about it, it reverses the implication of the phrase, now it implies you are beating a MAN. brilliant!

-ive been listening to a lot of the arcade fire lately. they are this weeks cats meow. oh yeah, and jamie lydell too.

-i saw million dollar baby. it was good, but it had best picture hints all up in its ass crack. i mean, you got redemption, death, triumph, and characters that are all richer for the experiance at the end. how typical and trite. but the lighting was all citizen kane-ish and the acting was well done, so whatever. maybe i'll talk more about it later. nah, probably not.

-i kinda got the internet working at my house, but not really. im on the wack computer. in the wack room. with the wack fan that doesnt cool the wack heat. its pretty wack.

-my period came. whew!

meh. thats it. see ya later bitches.


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