Monday, June 13, 2005

on all counts

Michael Jackson was found not guilty [note i didnt say he "got off."]. im sure every blogger in the bloggerverse probably has an opinion on this. and im sure they will all share it by the days end.

either way the verdict went i would have been content with it. all fingers point to him being guilty. his mind is damaged. his ego is precarious. his imagination is retarded and never matured. in all matters he comes across as being bizarre. to be honest, were he not filthy rich and emphatically famous there would be almost no doubt in anyones mind that he was a child molesting pervert.

now i didnt follow the case closely, just caught the fringes of the information as it overwhelmed the media wires upon each new development, but from what i gathered there wasnt any clear evidence that he had sex with any kids. oh sure, it was clear that he had a unhealthy relationship with them, with the intimacy levels crossing boundaries that would make any parent shiver, but Michael Jackson, from all vantage points, seemed incapable of having a normal relationship with anyone, regardless of age [or sex].

there seemed to be only one kid accusing him of doing anything wrong, and his testimony [if there was any, was there? was it just his mother that spoke?] seemed to be shaky at best. no other children stepped forward. the only thing you got was some security guard saying he fingerbanged Macaulay Culkin or something. there was no real evidence. no MJ man-come on preteen underwear, no danish child porno mags found stashed in his shoe closet [from what i understand the only porno found was straight porno], no other kids saying he did anything.

now, this doesnt mean he didnt do anything. because, hell, he looks like he WOULD and it wouldnt be surprising if he DID. but he got found not guilty and for all intents and purposes i would have to say that makes perfect sense to me. but like im saying, it would have also made sense if he got found guilty.

bottom line, parents need to stop letting there kids play with michael jackson and michael jackson needs to start hanging around with people that are at least half his age. i dont care if he cant "trust" grown ups like he can children, if nothing else, this proved he cant trust children too.

hes michael jackson for chrissakes! hes the definition of a freak!

and on an ending note because i spent way too time even thinking of this, he should have gotten busted for giving kids alcohol. that was just stupid.


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