Thursday, April 07, 2005

Byron Crawford Mentioned My Blog [no homo]

well, in his comments section anyway. jokes on me right?

damn. try to big up a nigga and thats what happens. guess i did slip on the race thing though [apparently he's hispanic]. meh. what kills me is that he says i didnt get the whole [no homo] thing. i mean sure thats pretty funny, saying [no homo] after every sentence that can be remotely conceived as straight faggot. but isnt being that paranoid about your sexuality the joke? i mean, if you REALLY have to lay the disclaimer of [no homo] immediately following any sort of decent appraisal of another man, then youre probably pretty gay, and being ferociously closeted about it i might add. so closeted that you feel obligated to declare you are decidedly NOT GAY every time you say say something that can be even slightly misconstrued as homo [i.e. "i dont fuck with cats like that anymore (no homo)].

see, im just assuming hes not gay. and that he's just making fun the closeted homos that have to say that kinda crap to remind anyone who might be listening that they are SO NOT GAY [i.e. cam'ron. whom im pretty sure he got the phrase from, and many other posters in his comments section agree

with me on that.]. so thats the joke right? hes not that insecure with his sexuality, hes just making fun of the fools that are.

and i get that. at least, thats what i got. maybe i didnt get it at all. maybe im off the mark.

regardless, so instead of playing the [no homo] card, i decided to play the SUPER HOMO card. i mean, its kinda the same joke, just exactly opposite. instead of being NOT homo, im HELLA homo. see, its funny because im not gay. oh well. guess that one got lost on the audience. meh.

i guess in a way, its perfectly reasonable that i got clowned a lil. i mean, that site works within the medium of hating. thats like its sole art. the art of hating. so its makes sense that i would just get hated on. and in a way, thats kinda cool... i guess. i mean, i read that fool for more reasons for just the cleverly phrased hating [the top 5 gulliest moments in hip hop springs to mind], but we all know, the hatin takes center stage. its the headliner at the show. no doubt. so im proud that i got kinda dissed in the comment section.

Byron Crawford, youve made my day [mad homo]


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