Monday, January 03, 2011


its been a long time but im still here and to be honest i always will be, until of course, im dead.

ive been meaning to write and write about things that are worthy to write about but you know how it is with fear and emotion and intellect and courage shit, not to mention articulation and cadence and the language of it all. hell, it just becomes a jumbled mess and who am i to say it shouldnt be.

i got a 4o oz of beer to my right. its not malt liquor if thats what you were thinking. not that i give a shit what you think anyway. its the king of beers. but for those watching their calories, yet still want a chilly smooth taste. its Bud Ice. thats right. its golden and sudsey behind an iconic blue label.

so im planning on writing all the time but as anyone who reads this blog knows, that will only last a week or so before it ends. its not like a new years resolution or anything, just a decision i made since we are entering a period which may signify a rebirth of sorts. im just going by the calender, really. there is no sentiment beyond that. its the 2nd and i wanted to start the 1st. look at that, im late already.

i have a billion things inside me - or maybe its only a few thouand or possibly a couple hundred or perhaps just ten or so - and they all are in pieces waiting to be formed. i aim to complete their puzzles and then paint them to make them pretty.

it only took all the poisons i could find to make me realize ive grown sick and need medical attention.

i think thats it for now. i will write more later.


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