Thursday, December 02, 2010

another dream

i had a dream last night that i was becoming a fast friend and close confidant of thom yorke. we traded music -me a cd of this band i really liked and him a cd of radiohead music that was inspired by the band i really liked. we'd cracked jokes with one another and shared winks and nudges and sly soundless glances that no one else could see. i didnt hide my excitement and he wasnt put off by how anxious i seemed.

he took me to his loft apartment which was in a corner of a european museum. the public milled about along the floor and no one bothered us. he wore his casual clothes that looked almost like pajamas and i wore my usual jeans and a tshirt uniform.

at one point i went to the bathroom, i had to relieve my bowels. the bathroom was public and right outside it was a beach. windows lined above the toilet and you could smell the ocean and hear the cheery sounds of summer play.

a girl that i knew vaguely but didnt recognized kept looking in the window at me. smiling innocently, trying to get my attention. i think she was kind of mentally unstable because her smirk was blank and so were her eyes. i kept telling her to leave me alone and she would pop back out then pop back in and id tell her to leave me alone again. it got frustrating so i eventually finished up and went outside to yell at her. when i did she stood in front of me with that blank innocent stare and i screamed and yelled but she didnt react, just stood there. i didnt know what to do so i grabbed her and told her to never talk to me again, then i slammed the bathroom door on her face and the beach and all the curious onlookers who wanted to see a fight.

when i returned i told thom about it, sort of embarrassed by the whole ordeal, and he just chuckled and shrugged. we then strolled through the museum again. the whole time i stared at the cd he gave me and couldnt wait to listen to it.


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