Friday, February 12, 2010

forced entry #370 - dull morning

i only have 20 minutes to write and usually twenty minutes isnt enough time to write anything of note but fortunately i have nothing to say so i guess ill just meander along and impart nothing.

on thursday night i work until late. i get home at about 3am. it takes me about three hours to unwind and finally close my eyes, so usually by the time i get to sleep the sun is rising and the day has begin for most. this wouldnt be any such burden if i didnt have to be back to work at 3pm the following day. which means by the time i wake up i have to start getting ready to leave again.

it is friday.

last night was a typical evening. i got home at my usual time and had a beer and ate a bit , then laid on the couch and let the drone of sitcoms lull me to sleep. i woke up in the same position and moved to the bed and by then the sky was beaming and traffic had begun to roar down the avenue. sophie climbed into the bed with me and gently clawed at my am until i petted her. she likes to get under the covers and hide from miles, her motor running hot and her soft fur against my naked belly. i stroked her as much as i could before the second wave of exhaustion overwhelmed me and i nodded back to sleep.

i woke up and was immediately challenged by all that i need to accomplish today. of course i only have an hour or two before i have to get ready for work, so i had to plan a strategy accordingly. the house is a mess but there is no time to worry about that. i have to write a recommendation letter for an old professor of mine trying to gain tenure ship but my brain isnt working that clearly yet. there were a few emails i needed to write, one or two may get achieved, we'll see. first i made coffee. then i filled the kitties bowls with food. then i sat down at the computer. what should i do first.

i guess ill force an entry into the ole blog.


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