Thursday, February 11, 2010


i am on the couch and covered in two blankets and dusk is approaching and the white falls heavily outside. the house is warm but a brisk thread swirls throughout like a chill reminder of what we are in. a blizzard. i suck up mucous and swallow in pain and shift beneath the covers in a weak attempt to find comfort. on the television is footage of neighboring cities covered in snow. cars are stuck in no parking zones. frustrated residents shovel their sidewalks. the reporter is bundled in thick threads and his gloved hand grips the microphone and his eyes flutter and he says this is the worst weve seen in a while. the newscasters in the studio gasp and moan and wish him good luck out there. they are in their normal suits, their make up unperturbed. the flip papers on their desk and move along to the next story.

all the schools are closed. mine included.

i shift again and feel aches in my lower back and behind my knees and the covers get tangled in my feet and i throw them off, trying to breathe. my mouth is dry and my head throbs. i wonder what sort of medicine is in my bathroom. i do not have the energy to check.

a cat climbs onto the couch and nuzzles near my feet, i dont know which and dont look up to find out. my phone vibrates but i dont reach to see who is calling. my eyes open and close slowly. on the television is an advertisement suggesting i visit california. i shift again and find no comfort.

the ill body remains restless. the hours pass by with no event. the snow continues to fall. i think of the things id rather be doing. i think of the things i should be doing. my eyes open and close slowly. an ache shudders from my head down to my shins. i do not move.


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