Saturday, January 30, 2010

back to the books

my first day of class is today.

i woke up earlier than i have been. partly because i am a little nervous and partly because i passed out before 3am last night. my vacation is over. there will be no more lazy days for me, not in the next few months, at least.

the class today is Social and Political Philosophy. i'm not sure what this entails or what we are supposed to be learning, but the name of the class piqued my interest so i signed up for it. i know taking a class on saturday is absurd to most people but my real weekend is during everyone elses work week so it suits my schedule.

not like i need to justify anything to you...

its a shame i never got to finish my book over vacation. i never got to complete my revisions. i never made that new playlist. i never saw that friend or that other friend. but cest la vie, maybe in the summer.

im curious what sort of books we'll be assigned. im also curious what kind of classmates i will have. what other kind of person takes a course such as this on a saturday? will the class be big or small? does the very nature of the course invite pompous assholes or curious intellectuals? in that same line of questioning, what will the professor be like? will it be a man or a woman? how serious do they take this course? how serious will i take this course, for that matter?

hopefully all these questions will be answered by about 4:30 this afternoon. and thus my school semester has begun.


Blogger Snooze said...

Philosophy class drove me mental. Hope yours goes better!

9:00 PM EST  
Blogger willson said...

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