Friday, January 29, 2010

forced entry #386

the hours between thursday night and friday morning seem to be shorter than the rest. i work until late at the bar, pulling down the gate at about 3am, then brave the cold on the way home unless im lucky enough to score a ride.

when i get home i am greeted by the cats at the door. they scamper around my feet as i make my way through the darkness of the hallway, then disperse once i enter the living room, tearing off in their own directions to individually gain my affections. sophie runs to a cardboard box and begins ripping at it with her claws. Her fur puffs into spikes and her tail juts straight up in excitement. Miles goes to the couch and, in a furious display of his feline prowess, grips and scratches at it, pulling himself along the top edge from corner to corner in short, deliberate rips. i walk to over to each one and stroke their head and back. then take off my bag and coat.

because it's so cold i immediately put on a big sweater. i have a huge yellow one i wear around the house as a pajama uniform with black sweats. then i go to the computer desk because that is where i smoke and unwind. i fire up the ole pute and roll myself a smoke and take a deep breath and exhale. while the cigarette is burning i usually go to the fridge and grab a bottle of beer. this beer will last me most of the night, if not ill open one more and not finish it until morning.

then i roll a spliff. i smoke it and i think of the day. the hours fall away. i type a few sentences and read a few more. the sun remains hidden behind the atlantic sea but the black of night turns slowly to blue. i meander on the web until i cant anymore. then i lay down on the couch.

often i wake on teh couch with miles and sophie cuddled all around me. the tv will be on and the day will be pouring into the room. it will be seven or eight in the morning and ill make the decision then whether or not to get up and go to bed. if i work the next day, like i do on friday, i go to bed, if not then it depends on my comfort and where the kitties are placed around me. last night i went to bed. it was eight am.

i woke at around noon and the house was bitter cold and i made my way to the kitchen and put on a pot of coffee. again i get familiar with my computer desk, check my email, say hi to some people on line. by the time i am fully awake it is time for me to get in the shower and go to work. i hardly even have time to read, let alone try to write.


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